Part-time Small Group Program
Project Introduction
The Part-time Small Group Program is suitable for those who study or work full time in Shanghai or Beijing. One lesson lasts 50 minutes and they are taken as session of 2 classes each time.
Class category
- Class category: elementary Chinese
Class description
- Class size: 2 - 6 students per class
- Class schedule:
- Class books: Standard Chinese
- Class teachers: Experienced Chinese Teachers
- Classroom location: 172 Yuyuan Road, Bldg A 23rd Floor, Shanghai 200040, China
- Semester duration: 2 weeks to 6 months or longer
- Start dates: Flexible
- Course expected results: 30 classes - – You can survive in China with basic vocabulary and sentences to ask for what you want.
60 classes - – You can express yourself on everyday topics, such as the weather, your family and life in China.
150 classes - – You can confidently communicate with the locals and express your opinions on a wide range of everyday topics.
300 classes - – You should be able to fluently express yourself on any given topics related to life, study or work.
- Class tuition:
Life arrangement
- Visa: X2 Student Visa
- Accommodation: HotelHostelApartmentHomestay
- Cultural activity: Once a week
- Insurance: N/A
- Coordinator support: Shanghai Tel: 021-61520017Beijing Tel: 010-52186432
- Others:
Brief program procedures
- Brief program procedures:
- Procedures duration: less than one month
Class schedule template
- Class schedule template: Flexible

9:00 - 9:50 am
10:00 - 10:50 am
Resources profiles
- F&Q:
- Handbook:
- Program procedures:
- Contract template:
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