Spoken Chinese
Project Introduction
This Course comprehensively develops the practical ability to dialogue, which is Shuoba’s selling point. Vocabulary, idioms/diction, expressions in conversation and dialogue are studied through 20 levels. Training is needed to raise the ability to converse to the ability to hold dialogues. After preparation and review through E-Learning, this course focuses mainly on speaking practice, moving your mouth during lessons. It is designed so that vocabulary and idioms/diction cover the range used in the HSK exams, and the lessons themselves serve as preparation for the exams.E-Learning refers to a learning system uploaded on the website, so that you can study anytime, anywhere, if there is an internet environment. Composed of animation images, main texts, vocabulary words and exercises, it is ideal for self-study, preparation and review. For busy people who find it hard to study at home, E-Learning enables using commute time or lunch breaks effectively to study. By studying in this way, alo... More
Class category
- Class category: elementary Chinese
Class description
- Class size: Flexible
Normally between 1 to 3.
- Class schedule: weekdays or weekend
- Class books: Great Wall of Chinese
- Class teachers: Zhang Xiaofeng, teacher and administrator of Shuoba! Chinese Centre who graduated from Dalian Foreign Language University and majored in Japanese language. She has been providing services to Japanese who lives in China after graduation. Since Xiaofeng joined Shuoba! in 2014, she has become familiar with the pronunciation and language features of Japanese students. She believes that pronunciation is very important to learn a new language and she hopes to help more and more people to improve their Chinese.
- Classroom location: Beijing Tianjin Tokyo
- Semester duration: According to the requirements of students
- Start dates: At the start of each month
- Course expected results: Improve your Chinese
- Class tuition: Standard price
Life arrangement
- Visa: x2
- Accommodation: Homestay
- Cultural activity: Calligraphy;Making Cold Dish;Making Dumplings;Paper Cutting and so on
- Insurance: No
- Coordinator support:
- Others:
Brief program procedures
- Brief program procedures: 1.submit your application
2.pay the tution
3.start class
- Procedures duration: over two month
Class schedule template
- Class schedule template: You can choose Am 9:00-11:00 or Pm 14:00-16:00
Resources profiles
- F&Q: Q
- Handbook:
- Program procedures:
- Contract template:

Beijing Folk Custom Museum---Dongyue Temple

The Temple of the Eastern Peak in Beijing (simplified Chinese: 北京东岳庙; traditional Chinese is a Taoist temple in the...
Sep 25, 2017
Cool classes Submitted by Mercy12 I Aug 23, 2017
Speaking mandarin adds positive point at this experience, as it is important to understand better the real life and the culture of Chinese people, if you'd like to live her. The good points about the intensive program is that you're focusing only on your chinese studies and you're learning in small groups (4-5 students) which help you to improve and learn very fast! My chinese improved very quickly( communication+writting) : within 3 months! I would highly recommend the chinese intensive course!
I had an excellent teacher who was really listening to me, being a beginner it was not obvious! I stayed there for 4 months, and I returned to Shanghai for 2 months. Beijing is a beautiful city, so much to see, and the food is fantastic! I was there in the middle of winter, it is very cold, but I do not regret!
It’s cool
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