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Project Introduction
Learn Chinese online anytime, anywhere you want with an online Chinese tutor. Experience the same quality Mandarin Chinese lessons we offer at our schools.
Class category
- Class category: 1-to-1 Chinese course
Class description
- Class size: 1-on-1
- Class schedule: 24/7 access to online lessons
- Class books: Standard Chinese
- Class teachers: Experienced Chinese Teacher
- Classroom location: Study at your location
- Semester duration: 2 weeks - 6 months
- Start dates: Anytime
- Course expected results: 30 classes - – You can survive in China with basic vocabulary and sentences to ask for what you want.
60 classes - – You can express yourself on everyday topics, such as the weather, your family and life in China.
150 classes - – You can confidently communicate with the locals and express your opinions on a wide range of everyday topics.
300 classes - – You should be able to fluently express yourself on any given topics related to life, study or work.
540 classes - – You will be able to use Chinese for professional and academic purposes, and read Chinese magazines and watch Chinese movies, as well as delivering a speech in Chinese.
780 classes - – You will be able to use Chinese for professional and academic purposes, and understand and read complicated Chinese conversations and articles respectively. You will be able to express yourself in any situation fluently.
- Class tuition: Online Course Pricing Starts From USD 20 – USD 35 Per Class
Life arrangement
- Visa: No visa is needed
- Accommodation: No accommodation is needed
- Cultural activity: Once a week at school
- Insurance: No insurance is needed
- Coordinator support: N/A
- Others:
Brief program procedures
- Brief program procedures: Sign up for an account and get a free access to our online courses and rich multimedia features to help you read Chinese and improve your Chinese pronunciation.
Book a class Chinese class anytime

Once you’ve created an account, you can book and take Chinese lessons with our teachers. Your first class is free.
- Procedures duration: less than one month
Class schedule template
- Class schedule template: 24/7 access

eg: 10:00 - 10:50 am
11:00 - 11:50 am
Resources profiles
- F&Q:
- Handbook:
- Program procedures:
- Contract template:
Online 1 on 1 Program Submitted by Wesleyfrank123 I Aug 23, 2017
I found YAC from Google, even though the webpage is pretty well done, I was still hesistant until I met the people at hutong. First, it was great that I could communicate in English and get answers to my questions (believe it or not, not many people speak English in china). Second, all the people at dthe school are very friendly. The best thing about this School for me was the community, it's crazy when you visit a country where hardly anyone speaks English and you don't know the language (yet). And, don't worry about having no friends in china, cause they organize fabulous activities in which you can participate and make connections and friends
It’s cool
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