Sunny Au Pair China Program
Project Introduction

The Sunny Au Pair program provides the opportunity to offer those who are interested in China, the chance to learn mandarin in a Chinese university, discover a different culture from an Chinese host family, gain and travel in China- Our programs are absolutely FREE for you!
- Visa: 180 days student visa
- Mandarin study: Free one or two semesters Chinese courses in university
All Au Pairs are provided Chinese classes in our cooperated university or language institutes. Our Beijing cooperated university is Beijing Union University. A 6 month program will take one semester courses. And 12 month program will take two semesters courses. All the Chinese classes are from 9:00am to 12:00am from
Monday to Friday. All the university tuition is paid by host family.
- Accommodation: Free Recommendation and Meals
Your host family will provide a private room and 3 meals.
- Allowance: 2000 RMB Au Pair allowance per month
Au Pair will get 2000 RMB as allowance while in China. This will cover almost all your expenses in China.
- Cultural activity: Free Cultural Activities each month
Every month we organize cultural activity for Au Pairs, which include visiting the Great Wall, Beijing duck potluck, watching Beijing opera and more.
- Insurance: International Student Insurance
We provide international student insurance for all Au Pairs. For the insurance details, please visit
- Flights reimbursement: 1000 RMB flight reimbursement per month
All Au Pair's will get 1000 RMB as the flight reimbursement per month. For a 6 month program, 6000 RMB will be reimbursed covering one trip fees. For 12 month program, 12000 RMB will be reimbursed which would cover your full trip.
- Coordinator support: Contracts and Guidebooks.
We provide contracts between the Au Pair and host family. Detailed Au Pair work schedule protect Au Pair’s right. Our guidebooks provide detailed information about every step during your Au Pair process.
- Others:
- Age: 18-27 years old
- Education background: at least graduated from high school
- Language skills: Excellent English skills
- Childcare experience: Love kids and work experience with kids
- Duration: 3-12 months. We only provide university tuition to the Au Pairs who stay 6--12 months
- Others:
Aupair Duties
- Duty hours: 25--30 hours per week
- Main duties: Childcare and English language tutoring. Each family has different Au Pair duties. If the host kid is at a kindergarten age, you need pay more time to play with him like LEGO, the flash cards games and etc. If the host kids are at primary school age, you need to help them with homework, read stories, teach English and other languages. Every family have their work schedule form, before going to China, this will be discussed with them.
- Others:
Program budget
- Program fees: 0
- Program deposit: 200 USD
- Flight: We don't buy flight tickets for you. We provide 1000 RMB per month as the flight reimbursements.
- Visa application fees: We will provide international student's visa applicated documents. You need to go to your local Chinese embassy to appy for a visa. The fees depends on your country and to be paid by yourself.
- Others:
Brief program procedures
- Procedures duration: Between one to two month
- Brief program procedures: 1. Application
2. Family match & deposit
3. Visa, flight & insurance
4. Arrival and orientation
5. Au Pair life in China
For more details please check on our website
6. Program completion & flying back
Available host families’ templates
Resources profiles
- F&Q: 1. What is the fee for applying to the Sunny Au Pair program?
Sunny Au Pair program doesn’t charge any fees for the registration process for you do need to pay a $200 deposit after we successfully match you a family. We will also refund the full deposit after you finish the program.
2. Do I need to buy the flight ticket or will Sunny Au Pair buy the ticket for me?
All Au Pairs need to buy tickets by themselves. Please provide the invoice of the flight ticket after you land in China. Sunny Au Pair will pay a monthly ticket reimbursement 1000 RMB per month.
3. What’s the process of applying to the Sunny Au Pair program?
The basic process is to submit the application form, get interviewed, get matched to a family, submit documents, pay the deposit, apply for a visa, purchase your flight ticket and land at the airport. For more details please refer to “program procedures”.
4. What do I need to do in the Chinese family?
There are three aspects about your main responsibilities:Language tutoring, kids-care and cultural exchange.
Language tutoring: teaching the host kids English or any other language you may know. You can teach the kids by playing games with them or any other interesting methods you may have.
Kids-care: If your host kid is very young, you need to help take care of him or her.
Cultural exchange: share your wonderful culture with your host family.
5. What is my daily time schedule?
There will be a few days given to you for jet lag and adapting to life after joining your new family. And then you need to do your Au Pair duties following the “Au Pair work schedule”.
Basic principle: You will have Chinese classes in the mornings and Au Pair work in the afternoon and night. no more than 25 work hours per week. You will have 1 day off a week.
Specific responsibilities and time schedules differ from family to family.
6. Which city will I be placed in? Can I choose my own family?
Most of our families are in Beijing. There are other families in other cities, such as Shanghai, Xi’an Yinchuan and etc. You can't choose your family at this time. You can specify your selection requirements about the family during the application process such as age and number of children. We will recommend you to the appropriate family and we will send you the family's information if the family is interested in you. You can get to know this family if you like this family. Of course we will provide you with a new family if you don't like this family.
7. Am I able to go out when I want to see friends in my free time?
Yes, you can. However, if you want to go out for a long time you need to inform your host family where you are going and when you plan to come back.
8. If I stay for a year, can I take vacation on my own?
Every 3 months you will have a 3 days paid vacation.
9. Is there a salary for the work I do?
Every month you can get 2000 RMB pocket money from Lea International. It will cover your basic life expense in China.
10. What about my Chinese class?
All Au Pairs are provided Chinese classes in our cooperated university or language institutes. Our Beijing cooperated university is Beijing Union University. A 6 month program will take one semester courses. And 12 month program will take two semesters courses. All the Chinese classes are from 9:00am to 12:00am from Monday to Friday. All the university tuition is paid by host family.
11. What’s the monthly social activity?
Every month Sunny Au Pair will organize one social session for Au Pairs, such as sightseeing, dining or a trip to the museum.
12. Will I have to feed the children or put them to bed like a nanny?
You don't need to cook or put the kids to bed. Chinese Au Pairs focus on cultural exchange. Normally the host families have other nanny to do housework. But normally you need to help dress the kids, play with them, and keep them tidy.
13. Do all families focus on English tutoring?
Most families focus on learning English. But as an "elder sister or brother", it’s more important for you to keep a happy life style with your host kids.
14. What if I expect my privacy, day-off and personal stuff to be respected by families?
As for these things you need to inform to your host family before you go to the family. Normally the families respect your privacy and culture. But culture shocks are inevitable. Maybe sometimes you do something you think is normal, but Chinese people think is unacceptable. But all of these different things are just what you want to experience. If you are the kind of person who would like everything to be easy, you would not choose to go abroad!
15. What is arrival orientation?
After you arrive, your local coordinator and the host family will pick you up at the airport and your local coordinator will tell you the arrival orientation time. The orientation consists of 2 parts. One is "the life as an Au Pair in China" and one is "The life in China". Usually it will take about 3 hours. Our coordinator will also help you download some helpful apps in China. And take you to the bank to apply for one Chinese bank card.
16. How long will it take from the beginning of the application process to landing in China?
How long will it take from the beginning of the application process to landing in China?
Normally it takes 6 to 8 weeks. The procedures are,
1.matching family --- about 2 weeks
2.communicate with family--- about 1 week
3.prepare paper work --- about 1 week
4.apply for a visa --- about 2 weeks
5.Book a ticket and prepare to come to China --- about 2 weeks
Of course, if you can provide paper work faster and everything goes well, you can reduce the amount of time it takes.
17. Who will pick me up from the airport, the family or someone else from the Sunny Au Pair?
Our local coordinator will go with the host family to pick you up and give you the transportation card, phone card and family handbook. After coordinator makes sure everything is settled with the family she will leave.
18. Will I be able to extend my program in China?
Within your visa valid period you are able to extend your program by no more than 12 months.
19. Do I have to pay the family for food or private room?
You will be provided with a private room and food and these are free of charge.
20. Can I apply for this program if I can’t speak Chinese? How will I communicate with people?
You are eligible to apply for this program even if you can’t speak Chinese. Your family will help you with the Chinese language. After landing in China we will start your Chinese courses in university or institution. Don't worry. If you live with a family who can’t speak English, it is perfect for you because it will force you to learn Chinese faster!!
21. I am interested in trying to get work experience while in China and am wondering if the Sunny Au Pair program is the right option.
The Sunny Au Pair program is a cultural exchange program and we provide X visa. You can't do any paid jobs with a student visa in China. You can look for some opportunities and get interviewed. After the Sunny Au Pair program you can take the jobs.
- Handbook: Chinese - English language handbook.pdf
- Program procedures:
- Work schedule template:
- Contract template:
- Pre-match host family profile template:
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