Marco Polo Culture Exchange Program
Project Introduction
Marco Polo, the world famous traveler who lived in China for 17 years before returning home with Chinese culture, was perhaps the first person that inspired the fascination of the European people to the Oriental and Chinese culture, which continued ever since. Now for those Marco Polo of today, we have paved a new passage to China that is faster, safer and cheaper! By living with Chinese family, you are provided a quick access to Chinese language and culture, By accompanying Chinese family member, you may grow your experience in living with Chinese people. Meanwhile it is also a proud opportunity to showcase your home culture to Chinese families.
- Visa: Marco Polo program employee will assist applicants with the formality of VISA application.
- Mandarin study: - 4 hours mandarin classes per week.
- 2 hours Chinese cultural course per week.
- Accommodation: Private single room in host family.
- Allowance: 1,500 RMB pocket money per month.
- Cultural activity: - 1 hour Chinese cultural course per week.
- Once Chinese cultural outdoor activity per month.
- Insurance: All Marco Polo program applicants will be insured with travel health, accident, liability and many more coverage items during their stay in the program.
- Flights reimbursement: You will receive an international flight ticket when you complete the project. (You need to pay for your flight ticket to China.)
- Coordinator support: Marco Polo program coordinator will keep close relationship with both applicants and host families.
We are available anytime you need help.
- Others: Each and every participant who successfully matches to Chinese host family eligible for 2,000RMB participation project award. (You will receive the award in cash after you arrived in host family for a week.)
- Age: 18-28 years old.
- Education background: At least a high school graduate.
- Language skills: Proficient in spoken English.
- Childcare experience: - Being patient and responsible working with children.
- Basic childcare experience is preferred.
- Duration: 3-12 month.
- Others: - In good health, and physically fit.
- With no criminal record.
Aupair Duties
- Duty hours: 30 duty hours per week.
- Main duties: Accompanying children and providing English environment in host family is the priority for applicants.
- Others:
Program budget
- Program fees: There is no application fee for applicants.
- Program deposit: 0
- Flight: Single flight ticket to China.
- Visa application fees: Payed by applicants themselves.
- Others:
Brief program procedures
- Procedures duration: over two month
- Brief program procedures: Application Process:
Application form -> Consultation -> Pre-Screening -> Documents submission

The Matching Process:
Mutual matching -> Confirming offer -> Signing agreement

For detailed information, please visit:
Available host families’ templates
Resources profiles
- F&Q:
- Handbook:
- Program procedures:
- Work schedule template:
- Contract template:
- Pre-match host family profile template:
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