Learn Chinese online with online Chinese course for beginners - level 1/A1
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Standard Chinese Course
Beginner Level 1
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Looking to broaden your Chinese language skills efficiently and

1 Session of Live tutoring with real teacher online : 15 USD

12 Conversational Cartoon Courses and 240 Quizzes : 24USD

24 Pronunciation Courses and 600 Quizzes: 24USD
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Class category
- Class category: elementary Chinese
Class description
- Class size: 1-1
- Class schedule: learn on the go with app
and flexible 1-1 live class online
- Class books:
- Class teachers: We know that a great teacher who loves his/her job is essential to a most productive and enjoyable learning experience. That’s why SN Mandarin chooses only the best and keeps regular internal training and learning among all teachers and tutors.

30% of our full time teachers graduated with bachelor degree and 70% with master degree of Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language. And every part-time teacher is only allowed to teach after rounds of interview, on-site training and strict assessment that applies to full-time teachers.

60% of our teachers have experiences living, learning or teaching abroad and they speak fluent English or other languages. They are good at understanding different cultures, capable of cross-culture communication and familiar with expats life and needs in Shanghai, which allows them to flexibly and timely adjust and tailor the learning experiences according to real situation.
- Classroom location: Online
- Semester duration:
- Start dates: anytime
- Course expected results: Level A1

Learning Target:
to learn 150 Vocabulary, 80 Expressions and Basic Chinese Grammar,
lay a good foundation and become fluent to talk in daily topics in Chinese
- Class tuition: 250
Life arrangement
- Visa: no need
- Accommodation: at home
- Cultural activity:
- Insurance:
- Coordinator support:
- Others:
Brief program procedures
- Brief program procedures: register online and start
- Procedures duration: less than one month
Class schedule template
- Class schedule template:
Resources profiles
- F&Q:
- Handbook:
- Program procedures:
- Contract template:
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