Business Chinese
Project Introduction
Business Chinese course is designed for intermediate students (corresponding HSK level 4 or above.) Students will learn Business Chinese, Chinese business culture and etiquette etc. Through lively reconstruction of a business environment, students can learn Business Chinese without even realizing it!

We offer two class size options: private class or small group class. We also offer students the most flexible class time, schedule and duration, which is very suitable for office workers or businessmen. Business Chinese course offers three levels: intermediate, advanced and case study.

E-Learning for Business Chinese
This business Chinese course combines listening, speaking, reading and writing, with a focus on spoken Chinese, delivered in a relax and humorous style, close to real-life situations, and suitable for students with basic Chinese ability. There are a total of 25 chapters in this course. The main theme of this course is an office setting; introducing ... More
Class category
- Class category: business Chinese
Class description
- Class size: Flexible
Normally between 1 to 3.
- Class schedule: weekdays or weekend
- Class books: BCT text book
- Class teachers: Yang Xiaohui has 9 years of foreign language teaching experience. Most of her students are the employees of Japanese companies, staff at the Japanese Embassy, their wives and children. As a teacher who has many years of foreign language teaching experience, she has been adhering to the teaching philosophy that "there are no bad students, only bad teachers." Therefore, in the classroom, she is a professional teacher. The biggest feature of her teaching style is that she is extremely patient and meticulous, coupled with a strong sense of responsibility. For the good of her students, her requirements are strict, because she does not want to waste their money or time. After class, she is a genial, kind-hearted and enthusiastic girl who wants to make friends with more foreign people, so as to better understand foreign cultures. At the same time, she hopes she can be the bridge between China and the outside world, helping more and more foreign friends to fall in love with China.
- Classroom location: Beijing Tianjin Tokyo
- Semester duration: According to the requirements of students
- Start dates: At the start of each month
- Course expected results: Improve your Chinese
- Class tuition: Standard price
Life arrangement
- Visa: x2
- Accommodation: Homestay
- Cultural activity: Calligraphy;Making Cold Dish;Making Dumplings;Paper Cutting and so on
- Insurance: No
- Coordinator support:
- Others:
Brief program procedures
- Brief program procedures: 1.submit your application the tution
3.start class
- Procedures duration: over two month
Class schedule template
- Class schedule template: You can choose Am 9:00-11:00 or Pm 14:00-16:00
Resources profiles
- F&Q:
- Handbook:
- Program procedures:
- Contract template:
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