Intensive 20: Intensive Chinese Study+Student Visa + Shared Apartment/Homestay

Learn Chinese in Shanghai with Intensive Chinese Course Intensive Chinese Study Programs - Comprehensive 20 A great choice to learn the communication essentials of Chinese, listening, speaking and reading skills. 4 interactive gr...

Intensive 30: Intensive Chinese Study+Student Visa + Shared Apartment/Homestay

Learn Chinese in Shanghai with Intensive Chinese Course Semester Chinese Study Programs - Comprehensive 30 Make the most of your time in China learning Chinese in Shanghai ! The Comprehensive 30 intensive Chinese course will allow y...

Chinese Winter Camp

Our Chinese Winter Camp runs between November and December in Beijing and Shanghai. We have a variety of camp options to suit all ages and requirements. You can choose from Classes-only Camp, Day Camp, Family Camp and Full Camp. Our Winter ...

Intensive Chinese Group Program

Our classes focus on improving your ability to listen, speak and understand the Chinese language, as opposed to reading & writing. Your teachers will help you to build a strong foundation to master real-life Chinese as spoken daily by nativ...

Mandarin 1-on-1 Courses

You can determine the topics of your Chinese lessons based on your own interests or needs and will be taught using a teaching method that fits your learning style.

Part-time Small Group Program

The Part-time Small Group Program is suitable for those who study or work full time in Shanghai or Beijing. One lesson lasts 50 minutes and they are taken as session of 2 classes each time.

Samll Group Chinese Course(3-10)

You can improve your spoken Chinese and abilities from relaxing “mother language”studies.Our senior Chinese teachers will make international environment which is close to daily life for you.

1-on-1 Chinese Courses

We provide good environment which is most close to mother language,so you can start from mandarin pinyin “a,o,e,i”like babies, then we will teach you Chinese characters.

HSK Pre-Test Crash Courses

Through systemic examination of the Confucius Institute Headquarter, Mandarin Morning was official HSK test center.

Traveling Chinese

Do you want to have a trip without any hesitation in Chinese? vacation, asking for direction, ordering dishes, hotel......Please don’t worry about the communication, Mandarin Morning will help you anytime.
19 Dec/ 2017

Application Process and form...

If you are currently in China: (1) Choose course (2) F...
19 Dec/ 2017


Add our WeChat (kmkcel) to ask for a student’s visa applica...
19 Dec/ 2017

About KCEL

Founded in 1999, Kunming College of Eastern Language is the ...
13 Dec/ 2017

DUFL booms as bilingual tale...

When Dalian University of Foreign Languages set up a Confuci...
13 Dec/ 2017

Give back this Christmas wit...

Whatever cause you're interested in, there's a way to help i...
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