Application Process and forms
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If you are currently in China:

(1) Choose course

(2) Fill in information and email to

(3) We confirm with you the tuition fee, payment method, and other details.

(4) You pay the fees.

(5) Once we receive your payment, we help you apply and transfer your current visa to student visa.

(6) You are responsible for the visa transfer/renewal fees, if any.

If you are currently outside of China:

(1) Download application form

(2) Fill in information and email to

(3) We confirm with you the registration and tuition fee, payment method, and other details.

(4) You pay the fees.

(5) We post the JW202 (Visa application for study in China) to you.

(6) Apply the visa in your local China Consulate, book flights and come to our school!

NOTICE: According to government policies, now all students have to buy Personal Accident Insurance in order to process your application. You can buy yourself, or ask us to buy it for you:

1. 18-65 year-old: 200rmb/year.

2. 65-80 year-old: 365rmb / year.

If you want to buy by yourself, please make sure it is the insurance from China, not from your home country.

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