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Add our WeChat (kmkcel) to ask for a student’s visa application form or use the following website ( )to obtain the necessary form which should be filled in, with your Passport front page(Must be complete) sent back to the office by Wechat or E-mail:(

Pay the registration fee 300RMB, insurance premium 200RMB.

Kunming College of Eastern Language and Culture will go through the formalities of the JW202 and post back the authorized JW202 form and the letter of acceptance to you.

Please go to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate which is nearest to you with the letter of acceptance, JW202 form to apply for a student visa (X visa) and then come to our school to register upon arrival.

If there is no need for KCEL to provide student visa service,You can also hold a tourist visa or visit visa, business visa to the school.

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