YAC is welcoming our new member
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YAC is welcoming our new member " Mandarin Morning " school in Shanghai. If you plan to receive the best intensive Chinese learning course in Shanghai, China, Mandarin morning is your best choice.

Established in 2007, Mandarin Morning has been providing the best and unparalleled, Chinese, language training, HSK, international Chinese teaching certificate, training and examination in China.

Mandarin Morning is a one of the International Society for Chinese Language Education, HSK / BCT test center attached to Confucius Institution, education practice center of Tianhua Institute of Shanghai Normal University. And was awarded the International Chinese Teachers Certificate" certification exam training centre authorized by Confucius Institute Headquarters and Hanban .

Manadarin morning has a prestine reputation and has 8 years of adhering to the "committed to the global promotion of Chinese language," the purpose of the original "three-dimensional learning", combining teaching to testing and testing to promote teaching. And there are many mandarin training center at the most dynamic economy in Shanghai.

such as Jing'an, Hongqiao ,Pudong and Changning......

They have also Successfully registered more than 7,000 foreign students, and provided long-term Chinese language

training services to more than 100- 500 foreign enterprises, more than 100 outstanding Chinese teachers, a teaching professional management team to effectively protect the student learning gains. To build a good reputation of Chinese language training is the direction of Mandarin morning.

Our partnership with Mandarin Morning is a very beneficial and valuable partnership as we strive to provide the best Chinese language programs for you.

We Welcome Mandarin Morning!

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