Give back this Christmas with these volunteering opportunities

Whatever cause you're interested in, there's a way to help in Beijing Whether you have a cause you're passionate about, are looking to make new friends or just want to join a puppy cuddle puddle, there are tonnes of r...
From: TimeOutBeijing  | Writter: TimeOutBeijing | Update: Dec 13, 2017  Read:1133

The 4th Internship and Job Fair in Shanghai - Nov. 28th

With the job markets in constant flux, the time that you take to effectively secure the right position should be well used. What can you do to ensure that you effectively use your time and experience the maximum impact? ...
From: China Classifieds  | Writter: China Classifieds | Update: Nov 28, 2017  Read:1063

2017-2018 Huawei Southern Africa Region Recruitment For Overseas Students in China

With the dream and a brave heart, you went alone to study in China. We went across the ocean to sincerely welcome you back so that you can fulfill your family’s expectations
From: HUAWEI  | Writter: YAC | Update: Nov 15, 2017  Read:1032

YAC is welcoming our new member

YAC is welcoming our new member " Mandarin Morning " school in Shanghai. If you plan to receive the best intensive Chinese learning course in Shanghai, China, Mandarin morning is your best choice.
From: YAC team  | Writter: YAC | Update: Sep 21, 2017  Read:987

Suzy visited “Shouba Chinese Center”

Hello, everyone. YAC’s founder, Suzy, visited a very reputable Chinese language school, “Shouba!Chinese center” last week. They have four branches located in Beijing, Tianjian and Tokyo. I visited the Jianguomen cent...
From: YAC team  | Writter: YAC team | Update: Aug 25, 2017  Read:692


Hello, everyone. I am Suzy here. Last week, I visited Kunming college of eastern language and culture (昆明东方语言学校) and had a very good chat with their school headmaster Mr Lin. There good circumstance and welcomed ...
From: YAC team  | Writter: YAC team | Update: Aug 14, 2017  Read:838

Chinese spend 3 hours a day on their smartphones, ranking 2nd in the world: survey

Chinese nationals spend an average of three hours a day on their smartphones, ranking second in the world after Brazilians who spend two additional hours on their phones, according to a survey by a German internet compan...
From: People's Daily Online  | Writter: People's Daily Online | Update: Jun 28, 2017  Read:672

Wedding photos in border police college in Guangzhou

Some 103 graduates at a border police college in Guangzhou, Guangdong province celebrated their graduation by organizing and participating in a series of wedding photos for their trainer. The college was founded in 1994 ...
From: People's Daily Online   | Writter: People's Daily Online  | Update: Jun 28, 2017  Read:545

Popular TV drama reflected Chinese young peoole's lifestyle

Renowned as a Chinese version of Sex and the City, Chinese popular urban drama Ode to Joy returned to the small screen on May 11, its premiere gaining a high viewership rate of 1.34 percent and 1.55 percent on Dragon TV ...
From:  | Writter: Zhang Xingjian | Update: Jun 28, 2017  Read:611

What's on in Beijing (June 24-30)

Discover the best things to do in Beijing with our weekly roundup of art and exhibitions, music and performances, and trending activities to do around town.
From:  | Writter: | Update: Jun 26, 2017  Read:536
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