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  • I found YAC from Google, even though the webpage is pretty well done, I was still hesistant until I met the people at hutong. First, it was great that I could communicate in English and get answers to my questions (believe it or not, not many people speak English in china). Second, all the people at dthe school are very friendly. The best thing about this School for me was the community, it's crazy when you visit a country where hardly anyone speaks English and you don't know the language (yet). And, don't worry about having no friends in china, cause they organize fabulous activities in which you can participate and make connections and friends
  • Speaking mandarin adds positive point at this experience, as it is important to understand better the real life and the culture of Chinese people, if you'd like to live her. The good points about the intensive program is that you're focusing only on your chinese studies and you're learning in small groups (4-5 students) which help you to improve and learn very fast! My chinese improved very quickly( communication+writting) : within 3 months! I would highly recommend the chinese intensive course! I had an excellent teacher who was really listening to me, being a beginner it was not obvious! I stayed there for 4 months, and I returned to Shanghai for 2 months. Beijing is a beautiful city, so much to see, and the food is fantastic! I was there in the middle of winter, it is very cold, but I do not regret!
  • I began learning Chinese and participated in the Intensive Chinese program for 6 months. Through their classes, activities and community, I was introduced to China and slowly but surely, Beijing became like a second home - which is still is to me today (I live and work in Beijing these days. During my Chinese class I learn not just a language, but lots of important tips about the city and life here, given from my teachers. The welcome party organized by the school are a great opportunity to meet other students and to have fun. The apartment where I live is located in a really well connected district, just 3 subway stops from the school. Everything is comfortable and easy to reach.
  • I was so scared when I booked my trip to come to China and learn Chinese. I almost didn't go. But when I arrived everyone was so nice to me and immediately helped me find my way around in China. The company was really organised and helped me feel welcome and comfortable. I spent 4 beautiful months with the school, its friendly personal and the people I met there. Teaching, activities, receptionists and co-workers are all helpful and kind, and the atmosphere good. You'll always find somebody to help you, to share a meal with or just to talk to. It was as well really quick to meet new people and make friends.

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